Thursday, January 28

D.N.E of the line for E.V.O.L

Every teardrop that i give
Is a part of my tale
You understand me but kept ignoring it
My love is at the end of its line.

For Every word I say
Sometimes is not similar to the words in my heart
A smile but tears deep down.

Though I barely get to know You
I love you so much
But you've never seen it through my eyes
Im happy nor sad
You never took the chance of knowing it.

We're very different in so many ways
But you've never given differences a chance
To me, your the star, the light
All I hope for
Is for you to see what you mean to me
Im happy and sad
You were there with me

I know we can never be together
There's nothing in life that we can share
Though you know how it feels
Feeling of being left alone..being ignored
Let me be as long as you can be free
My love is at the end of its line

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