Monday, March 7



Thursday, October 28

My Beautiful Friend

A million hearts are hurting cause they love you
Close your eyes and feel their arms around you now
Baby just like me I'm sure they're thinking of you
But know somehow this will all work out
I stand upon the roof
And stare at the stars now
For the reason why or something I can do
Every thing that mattered yesterday so far now
Away from you
What you're going through.. baby
But just you hold on girl
Yes you are, and try to be strong girl
Cause baby love will conquer all
And it won't be long before you'll be dancing in the rain again
My beautiful friend
My beautiful friend..
If you ever feel there's no strength left inside you
Just know I'm by your side and hold me all here tight
Sometimes the moon is all the light you need to guide you
Through the darkest night
Let me be the light..
But just you hold on
Yes you are, yes you are, and try to be strong
Cause baby love will conquer all
And it won't be long before you'll be dancing in the rain again

The desert soon will turn to bloom
You'll start to feel a change in you
The sky will seem a deeper blue than it ever was before
A whole new world will open up as you stand face to face with life
And know I can imagine how you'll be more beautiful than you are now

Thursday, September 9

Take A Second

Assalammualaikum w.b.t

The fasting month is almost coming to its end. With the end of the fasting season comes the month of celebration for all muslims around the world. Each and every one of us would be busy decorating our houses in welcoming the month of syawal. There are also some of us would travel back to their 'kampung' before dawn or even in the middle of the night. In our hearts, we are very delighted as we are able to get together under one roof after a year of separation. We would gather from every side of the family. We would laugh, smile and even play with each other.


Have we ever take a second to think those who are not as lucky as us. Those who had lost their families way back in the past. Those children that are being born in an orphanage house. Those people who came from a broken family. Those whom may not be capable to feel joy due to a certain disease or sickness. How would they feel?? During the moment we are joyed with laughter, they are the ones crying. During the moment we are able to eat all kinds of food and drinks, they are the ones who are in hunger. During the moment we are in a healthy state, they are the ones holding back their tears to withstand the overwhelming pain.

We always tend to forget that we are still considered lucky as the moment of happiness is still within our grasp but to those who are unfortunate, what will become of them?? What are their chances of feeling what we feel. We may not feel the pain as we do not go through the pain itself. Taking things for granted is what we practice. We only learn to realize when whatever we have is taken away from us.

Its the raya celebration, why do we have to be in such a way. Its the month where each and every individual should feel joy as its a gift from Allah to us. We should never be greedy towards others.

'We share the same bright sun, the same round moon. So why don't we share the same love. Tell me why not as life is shorter than most have thought'

Its something for us to ponder during the month of Syawal.