Sunday, August 29

Emotions Runs Dry

They say love is blind
I say it blinds you

It Tempts you off your sanity, abide by the mind rules
The truth behind the myth, it lies in our reality and fills it all with lies and sweet promises

L.O.V.E is just a four letter word that is sung in a melody
When it comes to love, every couple wants to be the next Cleo and Anthony
Or Clyde and Bonnie, or even Frank butler and Annie
Mumtaz and Shah, Gina Montana and Manny

However, this is no love epic, but still I’m just a hopeful skeptic
I’m not in love with you, I’m just in love at you
Distant admiration has cause a ruin towards the whole picture
Its because id bet a million dollars that you would be dancing in a million minds

Just to let you know

My heart is screaming although nobody can hear my cries
Wishing on a star as I look into the night accompanied with a little prayer only God can understand my plight
Glimpses of her sight, flashing in my mind

Somebody told me once that patience is a virtue
And true love is worth waiting for although it might just hurt you
And if it comes right back, that means it’s truly destined

I promise to hold back the tears, never to say never

A few things last forever, so I write this poem knowing that the writings shall never fade upon the walls that i wrote on.

And though I soldier on being numb and emotionless, these feelings in my heart will never change cause

*I loved you from the start*


Friday, August 6

Love Story

There are things that I have to tell you about as I can't hold it in my heart...

All this pain is breakin' me down and killing me down deep
Thought I found my one true love..However, I just couldn't show you how I feel
Sorry, I was stupid as my pride wouldn't let me be real

So, Please..I'm asking for one more chance..I Didn't know where you stand..
My heart tells me your more than just a friend but not to my head...

I realize that your the one I really want
Im pleading so that you wont let our memories pass us by
Please..Don't leave me out cold
You let me out in the rain
when you just walked away

These words are my story of a true tragedy
I gave up my heart and I tried to give you all of me
But still...We've come to the ending somehow
I don't know what to do
But I don't wanna forget now
I love you and will still be loving you
This is the sound of honesty
I gave up my heart and tried to be all I could be for you
To let you know
My heart gonna wait forever
I'm still holding on to all of our moments together

I'm asking for you to give me chance
Give me your hand
So we can both understand this love
Im pleading so that this love will remain between us
All the pieces of my soul wants to live in your heart

Why did you close the door, my heart is broken within without you
I can't do it no more and its killing me

No matter what I do or say I know you wont understand how i feel
Even though it hurts..I'll make a brand new start
And lay the rest all the moments
That played with my heart

But just before I do
I gotta let you know that
No man will love you more
So baby never forget

Just want you to see that I'm without you..All I know is right now...I love, I'll always love you

Kesepian Hati

Biarkan saja diri ini bersendirian tanpa dirimu
Biarkan diri ini sepi tanpa berkata
Bukan maksud diri ini untuk membisu dan berdiam diri
Namun diri ini tidak mahu lagi menanggung derita di hati
Terpisahnya kita kerana haluan diri yang berbeza

Biarpun diri ini berdiam diri
Tetapi adakah mungkin kita bersama
Diri ini tahu bahwa ia tidak sempurna untuk dirimu
Kau bak permata dan diri ini bak kaca yang hanya melukakan

Adakah mungkin segala derita di jiwa
Adakah ia akan terubat jua akhirnya.
Masa yang memahami apa yang dihasrat oleh hati

Dari tadi diri ini melihat dirimu lari
Apa yang dapat impikan..hanyalah dirimu
Biarpun diri ini tidak bercerita
Betapa siang malam diri ini menderita
Biarlah luka berdarah ini berkekalan di dalam hati

Diri ini tahu bahwa,
Jangan dibiarkan perasaan menawar hati
Jangan dibiarkan semuanya berlalu pergi

Diri ini tahu
Engkau yg melupakannya..saat gembira bersama..bukan diri ini
Hanya diri ini yang mengimpikan agar kita berbahagia hingga ke anak cucu
Tapi itu semuanya tinggal kenangan
Yang tinggal hanyalah perasaan diri ini yang hanyut dalam arus kesepian
Biarlah dalam doa diri ini senantiasa memohon untuk hanya ingin selalu berada di samping mu..


Diri ini mengenangkan mu
Siang..malam diri ini doakan kebahagaian dirimu
Yang dipinta hanyalah tulus hati mu
Agar kau balas kerinduan yang lahir jauh di sudut hati diri ini
Namun Ku sedar ianya tiada nilai di sisimu,

Biarkan saja diri ini bersendirian tanpa dirimu
Biarkan diri ini sepi tanpa berkata
Biarkan diri ini membawa luka pergi