Thursday, July 8

Hello Yellow Fellow!!

Hello Morning
Hello Sunshine
Hello Flower
Hello Butterfly
Hello Grass
Hello Sand
Hello Everybody


Tuesday, July 6

Let Me Ask Ya?

What do you do when you come across a flower that is beautiful?
You wanna grab hold of it but the thorns on the flower are giving u a hard time to get hold of the flower.

If you cut the flowers branch and only take the petals, this may ruin the flower and its beauty. It'll fade by the time you know it. You keep staring at the flower thinking of so many ways on how to accomplish your mission and achieve your goals. The more you think and the more you do, the harder it takes for you to hold the flower.

You Stare..stare...and...stare at God's beautiful creation. You want it so bad that it makes you feel depressed as you know its impossible for you to hold in onto the palm of your hand. At times, your heart says 'Just do It, its not wrong to give it a chance'. However, your afraid of the pain that you may feel. You're afraid that the effort you've given is not worth the price. Still, your in dilemma as you want to capture God's perfect creation and keep it close to you.

You never want to lose it as you may not know when will you ever find this golden opportunity. In fact, will you ever get the opportunity ever again??
Your heart ask you to go for it but your mind rebels to what is logic.

Ask yourself, How do you conquer the emotions that runs through your mind, blood, veins..Is it really worth your effort?And will it ever be yours and yours alone??

How much pain is not what matters but how long is it gonna be is what matters most!!

To take or Not to Take..That is the question..

Monday, July 5

New Entre

Dear Blog,
Its been a while since i wrote on your wall. sorry for abandoning you..sorry for not updating ya aswell.. well today i just moved into my new room..

yeap lots of things to do though..clean here and there..mop the floor, scrape the bathroom and the toilet..All sorts of things need to be done to make the apartment one helluva clean place for me and my roomies to stay..

However, tonight i watched TOY STORY was wonderful..the story line was impressive..It wowed the people in the cinema including me and izzat nawi..hahahhaha..we had a couple of laughs and certainly we enjoyed what we watched..hahahhaha..

Anyways, tomorrow's the start of my new semester.. Wish me luck throughout my studies..will update you wnever i can..wink*