Monday, July 5

New Entre

Dear Blog,
Its been a while since i wrote on your wall. sorry for abandoning you..sorry for not updating ya aswell.. well today i just moved into my new room..

yeap lots of things to do though..clean here and there..mop the floor, scrape the bathroom and the toilet..All sorts of things need to be done to make the apartment one helluva clean place for me and my roomies to stay..

However, tonight i watched TOY STORY was wonderful..the story line was impressive..It wowed the people in the cinema including me and izzat nawi..hahahhaha..we had a couple of laughs and certainly we enjoyed what we watched..hahahhaha..

Anyways, tomorrow's the start of my new semester.. Wish me luck throughout my studies..will update you wnever i can..wink*

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