Monday, April 26


You wake up in the morning
To find that its monday

Head to the showers!!
Brush your teeth..
Get Dress..
Hope onto the bus..
Reach the office..
Punch In..
Sit at the office desk..
Stare at the computer..
Start working..
Get some lunch..
Continue working..
Punch Out..
Head home..
Have dinner with the family..
Check the emails and messages..
Take a shower..
Watch some tv..
Climb to bed..
Close the eyes..
Go to sleep..

Get ready for the next day...
Another day,another dollar..


  1. oit nazreen, get a gf la weh! HAHA so that u will have like msg her or call her *wink2 :) da kate justin bieber?? LOL

  2. ahhahahahha...perli habis nampak..hahaha..xpe2..fana..haha