Friday, April 23

Things I Do If I Miss You

During your absence..
Im just being me..

Its just that...

Id view your facebook..
Its not stalking..but..its just a routine check..

Id see your pictures..
Its not day dreaming..but..its observing in detail

Id imagine you in my head..
Its not fantasizing..but..its just to remember how you look like

Id view your number..
Its not to wait for your call..but..its just browsing my phonebook

Id view your number again..
Its not to hear your edit your contact

Id say your name..
Its not that i miss you..but..its just that your name rings a bell

Id dream about you at night..
Its not that i want you with me..but..its just the picture of u drops in during that moment

Id talk about you
Its not that I want to..but..its just something that people as about be lying to myself if all of the above happen with the


As the truth is..

Id view your facebook = Stalking you
Id see your pictures = Day dreaming about you
Id imagine about you = Fantasizing about you
Id view your number = Wait for your call
Id view your number again = To hear your voice
Id say your name = I miss you(only god knows how much)
Id dream about you = I want you with me
Id talk about you = I want to(cure the miss i have)

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