Sunday, August 29

Emotions Runs Dry

They say love is blind
I say it blinds you

It Tempts you off your sanity, abide by the mind rules
The truth behind the myth, it lies in our reality and fills it all with lies and sweet promises

L.O.V.E is just a four letter word that is sung in a melody
When it comes to love, every couple wants to be the next Cleo and Anthony
Or Clyde and Bonnie, or even Frank butler and Annie
Mumtaz and Shah, Gina Montana and Manny

However, this is no love epic, but still I’m just a hopeful skeptic
I’m not in love with you, I’m just in love at you
Distant admiration has cause a ruin towards the whole picture
Its because id bet a million dollars that you would be dancing in a million minds

Just to let you know

My heart is screaming although nobody can hear my cries
Wishing on a star as I look into the night accompanied with a little prayer only God can understand my plight
Glimpses of her sight, flashing in my mind

Somebody told me once that patience is a virtue
And true love is worth waiting for although it might just hurt you
And if it comes right back, that means it’s truly destined

I promise to hold back the tears, never to say never

A few things last forever, so I write this poem knowing that the writings shall never fade upon the walls that i wrote on.

And though I soldier on being numb and emotionless, these feelings in my heart will never change cause

*I loved you from the start*



  1. It was awesome, i love how you used your words :)
    and your post was like showing that you are full with information because of how you relate to those peoples you mention :)

  2. i owe it to all my blog followers..thanx for supporting..wink*