Saturday, January 30


This is a story of a brother and a friend. I may not be able to feel and understand the feeling of having a big brother. A person that cares for you just the same as your parents. SOmehow, from the moment i entered my place of study, I was showered with such feelings.

He may not be a superhero that saves the earth,
He may not be brad pitt,
He may also not be the guy who reads the news on television.
Infact he is nothing but ordinary

He is just an average guy with a wacky attitude and you'll never get tired of his jokes. He's the best senior i ever have. I know its kinda embarrassing for me to write this but heyy, This is what i feel isn't it.. So, to you guys out there, I wanna share my experience of having a friend that is also my brother. He is what he is and I respect him for that. He will always be there for you just like all brother's do. He will be the one that catches you when you fall, cheer you up when you're weeping.

He is the person that everyone wants to be with. Trust me, he is a great guy and im glad that i know him. I bet his friends would also feel the same way. Maybe now he's around..however, the period is not gonna be long.. He's ending his studies within a couple of months and i bet many will be missing him. His presence, his humour, his caharacter. No one is like you..

Though god made you as a human but ME i consider you as
Heaven Sent..You're the BEST..

Ordinary is what you are and Thats why you are good at it..Be yourself and GOOD LUCK BRO..HAVE FAITH and trust me.. YOU'LL GO FAR..aite..

When the sky is Shining Bright,
And the Birds are singing with pleasure,
Through the dark; You are the Light,
As our memories will be a treasure..


  1. hahhahah!!!like it !love it! coz he's my brother too!and for sure i love him more than he does.