Friday, January 29

The Affection of A Geezer

Sometimes in life, though people say its better to keep it cool. I mean in terms of friends. However, would you rather be friends to a girl that you like or would you take the step of telling her how you feel??

I've always been in that situation. It really gives me a hard time to make a decision. I never want to lose her but I too wouldn't want to see her with someone else rather than me. I want her to be by my side. Somehow, these girls are mainly not seeing the way i feel deep down.
For example:------ There's this girl i used to like and adore. It was during my primary school years actually but hurmm.. At that moment i didn't have the guts to approach silly of me. I fell kind of rather bad for myself as I was too afraid. So, its no use to cry over spilt milk ey!.After years separated, we accidentally bump into each other in a mall. Seriously, seeing her again after a long separation was quite a shocking moment but i kept cool so that she wouldn't notice..HAHAHAHHA..ain't that stupid..yea i is..Since that day, i got her number and tried contacting her but she was kind of busy..but its ok..Nevertheless, she was in a sad..huhu..but its must go on right?..
Then, not long before this article is written, I did a few activities. Yea, it went well and fun although it kinda brings out the best of me. At first I didn't notice her but as the activities started to roll, there she was..The goddess of beauty (aphrodite). Seriously, I think if she was a broom, she'd surely sweep me off my feet. She was fine but one thing was that, I had a feeling that we can never be. The reason is we are like 2 different world.. The 'sky and the earth'. The 'rich and the poor'..The levels are in a large range. Besides, she saw the world before I did. Yea.. So, its kinda weird dont ya think..Haiz..
Nevertheless, we barely talk during the activities coz:-
  1. I was shy, seriously I was
  2. Looking at her, she kinda deletes every word that was meant to come out from my mouth
  3. She had a personality of a perfect person
Yea. hurmm..well i guess lady luck is still not on my side but i'll never stop trying as we are all meant for each other. All it needs is just a lil' effort to show the person that i like and adore how deep my feelings are. Time shall decide. For now, praying to god that someday, someone right for me will appear in my life and i'll surely shower her with all the love I have..( sweet..hahahahhaha)...

p/s: if your reading this (the person in the story)..Yeah..that's how i feel..I may not be able to say it out loud but i'll never stop trying..wink*..hahahahhha

lots of love: C.C

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