Thursday, March 18

A Silent Sleeper

Hey to 'you'..Whoever you may be..You Know who you are..

Have you ever wondered about me?
Definitely NOT!!

Ever wondered how you live in my mind and in my dreams
You are the light through the dark.
You are my joy through the sorrow.
You are the best part of who I am.
You are my everything!!

:::When you :::

Let go of me, I fall down to the lowest ground.
Left me alone, I was paralyze.
Say 'I dont need You' - I was shot with a gun
Met another guy, I was stab by the back
Say goodbye, I was already dead.
Kiss the other guy, I am nothing.
Told me we were friends, I was partly cured
When you never told me anything, I was in a shattered mess
:::This may:::
-sound stupid-..


My heart misses you
Wants to see you
My heart sees you
But can barely touch you
My heart feels you
But you are so far away..

Let it be of what's left of it..
The want shall never sees the need

Let the one be just only an admirer from a distance
And holds his beautiful thoughts of you as a



  1. waa nice one! seriously..and this goes to?

  2. goes to those who sleeps alone with a beautiful thoughts in mind and cant seem to let it go..