Thursday, March 25


Have you ever face a dream that have kind of a scary flow.
I have. It was just about a couple of minutes ago!
Basically, It's kinda shocking actually.

The story happens like this:-

Basically me and my a few of my friends were out for the night and we were and a beautiful place. I don't even know what is the place called but i can bet ya'll that IT is BEAUTIFUL. So, my friends and i had great fun. It was like a party some sort but an open one!!We were at the 2nd floor(in terms of G level and 1st level).Yea. We were at the 2nd level just enjoying the night under the full moon.

Through all the fun, suddenly a few people which includes some of my friends fell off the 2nd floor and onto the G level. How did they fell. Actually the edge of the floors are basically being placed a glass border. The border broke people leaning on it fell(which includes some of my friends. It was a tragedy. none survive the fall and a few teams of paramedics came an hour after the incident. When it happened, I was only able to see my friends fall as i wasn't near them and could not save them. There was 12 of them had died that night. I was left hanging as I was in a traumatize state. I could not say anything, I was stun by the incident. My face was showing null emotions. I kept quiet and sat by the side-looking at the bodies that lay on the floor and the spurring blood that drip on the floor. Silence. A paramedic took wrap me in a towel and took me outside. They checked my eyes and asked some questions but i barely answered any of them. Slowly, I looked upon the bodies that we wrapped in a black zipped bag which are being carried into the ambulance for hospitals examination and clarification. I was then sent back home. I could not sleep that night. In fact I took the courage and urge my way to the place of incident. I was emotionless till now. The area was covered with 'Police Line. Do Not Cross' tags. I walked into the center where the fall took place and after a few minutes I broke down to tears.

After that, it took me 2-3 weeks to recover(I think-as it didn't say how long..just assuming). During that moment, I was going through my life in an ordinary way, when all of a sudden I eventually saw the shadow of my friend down a small alley. I was shocked with the appearance. This friend of mine was looking at me in a smiling face. My friend approached to me and said that it was a moment that my friend would never forget. My friend said that the life she's going through is lonely but happy. My friend was going through a normal life although speaking to the loved ones was not possible now but having the chance to look and be among them makes it a wonderful moment. My friend did told me that the others that fell during the night are going through the same situation and they too accepted what has happened. They were glad that they still have their loved ones alive and well. To them, now they are the guardian of their family and this time its eternal. Before we went our separate ways, my friend did told me that do come and visit them as I am the only one who understands them and my friend said "Thank You & keep it safely."

I was speechless of what happened during that moment and I went to the wall and leaned my body against it and took a sit. Finally i remembered that the night i came and visit the place of incident, I found a ring that belongs to my friend and that ring was found by me. My friend knew that the ring did not lose its way in fact was now in safe hands.

*I woke up sitting on my bed after that*-yup..That's my dream..quite shocking isn't it..!!CREEPY!!

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