Thursday, March 25

A L0nely Stranger

I am just a stranger
Walking across her dreams
Gazing at her beauty
Seeing her as the way it seems
With the blue pupils in her eyes
Makes her glow above the beautiful skies

I am just a stranger
Looking at her from a distant space
Avoiding her before her eyes
As she has such a beautiful grace
Soft skin and wonderful smile
Lights up a dark alley for several miles

I am just a stranger
Looking upon those lips
As a silent whisper blows by
Knowing being with her are shameless fibs
An angel as sweet as doves
Showering us with present from the above

I am just a stranger
Having a glimpse of her across the street
Looking at her for as long as I can
Burning my soul with every moment of it
As she sips her coffee, reading a newspaper
Making an impression towards all the ponders

Taking my breath slowly and calm
Having thoughts in mind
Who is she?Will I ever know?
As I am a stranger
With a lonely heart that never glow..

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