Wednesday, February 17

See me, See You!!

Whenever i see when you see me,
What do you actually see?
Do you see the way i see you?
Or do you see the way you see me?
What do you see when you see me?
And you wonder what do I see when i see you?
What do we actually see?
And what for do we see?
Because i see you,
The same as you see me,

So, do you see the way i see?
Or do you still see me the way you see you,
Do you get confuse on what we see
As i am confuse with what i see!!

What do you really see??
Do you see me?
Or do you see you?
I guess we both know what you see,
We also know what i see,
its just that what you see,
Is the same as what i see,
I see you
And you see me.

We see see..wink*

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